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KÜNSTLERPu Jie Wang Wei Allard van Hoorn Roman Wilhelm Anke Haarmann Rufina Wu Stefan Canham Yang Yongliang
Nicole Keller & Oliver Schumacher SPRECHER Dr. Sonia Schoon Prof. Dr. Dieter Hassenpflug Prof. Dr. Meinhard von Gerkan
SONSTIGE Urban China Magazine

Wang Wei (*1972)

Das Video Temporary Spaces des chinesischen Künstlers Wang Wei dokumentiert eine performative Aktion. Bauern vom Lande, die in China in den Städten Ziegelsteine aus Abrissgebäuden einsammeln, um sie weiterzuverkaufen, wurden gebeten, diese Ziegelsteine in einer Galerie zu einer Mauer aufzubauen und dann wieder abzureißen und so ein symbolisches Zeichen für die Subökonomie im Abrissgewerbe zu setzen.–––>

Wang Wei: "An object is created and destroyed within a fixed time and space inside a gallery. This process has potential for becoming a work of art. The situation is full of absurdity and irony when contrasted with real life.
In the gallery, bricks are used to create a new space. This newly built four-meter high 100 square meter space has no doors or windows. The structure’s only use is to undermine the concepts and expectations of what entails a room. This paradoxical relationship of the unusable space within a space forces the observer into unknown and uncomfortable territory, which is similar to real experiences when whole structures suddenly appear and disappear from our visual field.
This piece is about time and space. The temporary quality of space – build only to be demolished – marks the process time. Using second hand bricks in this process was an intentional reference to the city’s current process of demolition. The bricks, after being diverted to the gallery for 2 weeks, return back to the cycle of building up and tearing down that continues in this developing metropolis. This economy and process of trading bricks clocks the passage of time and is a manifestation of the process of change."

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